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Thursday, November 19, 2009

so la di da

I hesitate to mention this, lest you think less of us or are in the position of having us axed, but we had our Yacht Club interview today.

Bwahahahahaha! No really. We did.

No one has summed up the whole concept of us joining a yacht club better than Brighton. She said.... well, she didn't actually say anything because she was doing that laugh where no sound comes out and you wonder if you should call 911 because she appears unable to breathe.

We are clearly cut out for this yachting thing.

Chris showed up for the interview in jeans and a t-shirt. I was wearing a really cute shirt somewhere under my Old Navy fleece. We are a power couple from way back.

Note: whenever I try to type "power couple" I end up typing "poser couple." Hello, Freud.

Also, Chris started to park in the Commodore's parking spot because if there is a sign that says "this is not for you. Go away" that's where he'll go. I pitched a total "gah! you are going to get us kicked out before we've even had a chance to steal all the toilet paper" fit and he relented.

They're going to have a super-secret meeting before they decide whether we're in or not. We're hoping they do it soon because we're planning to get everyone on our Christmas list windbreakers with the club insignia. I don't think we have time to apply to a back-up club.

I'll let you know how it goes. Or you'll notice my avatar wearing a polo shirt. Either way, it's a sure sign that Armageddon is closer than we thought.

(why are we doing this? Because we met a bunch of the people over the summer and liked them tremendously. Because by "yachts" they mean "tugboats." Because it has a splendid view. Because it's lonely here in the winter. Because we secretly want to be Mary Ann and the Professor.)


Guwi said...

What I'm picturing here for some reason, are scenes from the movie 'Summer Rental' with John Candy, when he fixes up the old schooner that had been functioning as a restaurant, and competes against the local sailing legend in the annual Regatta.


It's an omen. You're totally in.

Meadowlark said...

I want to know what kind of insinuations you're making about the Professor and MaryAnn??? It was a WHOLESOME relationship, so stop with the aspersions!!!!

Good luck. You'll be totally 'top drawah' (oblique reference to Auntie Mame. Greatest. Movie. Ever.)

Zip n Tizzy said...

This makes me think of how I feel when I mention the gym I go to. It's got the words "Club Sport" in it, but, just like your "Yacht Club" we've met some great like-minded people there, who like us, feel like, "hey, if we all go down with the economy, we can still shower there!"

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Your "Mary Ann and the Professor" reference has me a little worried. Surely you'll fare better than the S.S.Minnow. (HA! The S.S.TROUT!)

just making my way said...

I'm sure you'll get in! Those people would be nuts not to have you. Just don't let Chris sing.

Now I need to go watch Auntie Mame. Totally agree with you on that one Meadowlark!

Celia said...

Dude, I am dying. Chicken can be your first mate.

We had a friend in high school who had a rowboat named The Jolly Cow. That's about as close to a boat as I am getting.

Lisa said...

I was e-mailing my husband the other day and told him I was popping into the grocery store, but kept typing "pooping" - I wonder what Freud would say about that.

TwoBusy said...

I actually know somebody who owned a tugboat. They loved it; swore it was the best thing ever. I'm kind of baffled by the entire thing, but if a life of yachting/tugboating will... uh... float your boat, well: best of luck to you & Chris.

Susan said...

I love Auntie Mame. Everything about her, both in book and on film. Maybe when we're done being the Professor and Mary Ann, we'll move on to Auntie Mame and her Asian personal assistant.

And technically I think there's only one tugboat out there. It's very cute.

JAbel said...

The yacht and sailing clubs on that end of the Cape are pretty casual as far as I know but just saying you belong to a Yacht Club sounds so old New England upper crust you'll get envious glances from friends and family far afield.My personal yachting expierience on the Cape was sailing on a Sunfish off North Truro and on occasion all the way to Provincetown where we hauled it on to the beach by the SurfClub and drinking 1.00 afternoon Heine's.Mostly though I was sailed to shore around Beach Point after much complaining as a mate about the slow progress and thumbing back down the road.I prefer big power boats.

All Adither said...

I bet they have really nice toilet paper. Charmin or something.

Lisa said...

So with the role playing, as long as you leave the chickens out of it, I don't judge.

And you'll totally get in. Absolutely. Which means I'll virtually know someone who belongs to a yacht club!

Susan said...

Come by. We'll have lunch at the club.

I think I love saying that.

Janine said...

I sure hope you'll still associate with the likes of us.

Carolyn...Online said...

Oh. My. God. There's a Commodore?! I want to be a commodore.