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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


My MiL wants to make Blancmange (cornstarch pudding) with wine jelly (orange jello made with wine) for dessert. I don't mean to be rude, but OH HORK.

She's not making us eat wine jello tomorrow, for which I am grateful. As a result, "gratitude for invisible friends" has been ousted from the top position of the thankful hit parade.

But you're a close second.

On Thanksgiving, be sure to save room for pie. And know that I dig you a whole lot.

"When Good Things Happen to Bad Turkeys"
marker, tempera and feathers on paper
Studley Dooright, American
(shown courtesy of the Dooright estate)


JAbel said...

A young Jackson Pollock or Motherwell in the making.Your chickens have some colorful feathers.

Celia said...

Dude, you are not in the right spirit for blancmange. You need to eat it on a blustery day while reading Little Women. BRING ON THE PIE!

Jett said...

Wait, have I missed something?

Last time I checked, any ole thing steeped in booze (and also colored ORANGE!) is seated squarely in the column entitled 'Sheer Unadulterated Awesome'.

Crazy woman! They have pills for that, you know.

pee ess, the word verification is 'worry', ohhhh haha

Susan said...

It's the gelatinous nature that's getting me. I'm picturing a white lump with jello perched on it. Or maybe the other way around?

Is this a southern thing?

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Susan. Stay away from the blancmange. It can only end badly.

just making my way said...

Some French things sound yummy. Blancmange? Not one of them. More PIE, PLEASE!

Thankful right back atcha, too!

TwoBusy said...

Dude, I don't blame you a bit. Hell, I'd say you're entirely within your rights to devote spots 1-5 entirely to expressions of thanks for your ongoing avoidance of Gelatinously Repulsive Objects of Doom (GROD). Fear of GROD is both healthy and reasonable.

Zip n Tizzy said...

I hope you didn't have to eat it, but the blancmange sounds funny to me. I won't touch jello, but I've always found it wildly amusing.

Laggin said...

Eww. I just flat out refused to even try my MILs jello salad. However, alcohol might improve it a bit.

Nah. Jello avoidance is a prime goal of my holiday season.

Peace Turkey said...