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Friday, November 13, 2009

this is my world

It was movie night here at the Towers.

Movie #1: The Penguin & the Pebble.
Synopsis by Sugarplum: Mommy mommy mommy I don't want to watch this why do they have to be so mean it's scaaaaary the seal is going to eat him no no no no I want to go sleep in your bed and you come with me please can't we pick another movie is the scary part over aaaauuuuuughhhhh.....! Oh, they made it?
Synopsis by Chris: are we seriously watching a movie with music by Barry Manilow?

Movie #2: a documentary on Les Paul (I missed the title, sorry).
Synopsis by Chris: Neumann U47, Lake Audio monitors, Tannoys, Neve console, Yamaha NS10, Ampeg tape recorders....


TwoBusy said...

Coulda been worse. Movie night @Chez TwoBusy: Underworld II Electric Bugaloo.

TheWife's synopsis: This is the greatest movie I've ever seen. About werewolf-on-vampire action. That's been on tonight. Or at least the second half of it.

Me: Yup. It's badassalicious.

for a different kind of girl said...

Here's Friday night at my house -

Me: Heroes? Listen, I broke up with you six weeks ago. You cried. I didn't. Is that why you're still here? Why have you been hanging around for the last six weeks? Hear me again. I do not love you anymore, Heroes. Shoo now.

Heroes: Weep, weep, why are you erasing us?! You didn't watch us yet! Weep, weep, weep.

Yep. I'm here alone. And I'm exciting. No wonder Heroes hung around. Next I'm going to tell my husband's Mythbusters that this is my house, not theirs.

JAbel said...

The Vampire thing is out of control.I passed a rack with free mags today here and one was the LA Jewish Journal or something close and the cover headline was Jews and Vampires.I hope Sugarplum doesn't get a phobia about artic birds.My word is regratel as in Hansel