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Friday, November 6, 2009

wicked classy

Thanks to the nature of Chris' work, we have famous and quasi-famous people dropping by the house from time to time. Thanks to the nature of my nature, I am often caught vacuuming off the dining room table, sporting prom eyes.

I need to learn where the mirrors are in this house. And use them.

In other news, the chickens are molting.

One of them is experiencing Severe Feather Loss. When she fluffs herself, it looks like an invisible predator is shaking the stuffing out of her. Is there a product on the market to help this? An "I'm not just the president, I'm a client" kind of product? Because if this goes on much longer, I'll be carting her to the salon for some feather extensions.

I have totally blown the chickens' salon budget for the month.

And now that I've described my morning mascara debacle AND chicken plummage, I suppose it's time to admit that we've applied for membership at the yacht club.

(pauses to admire puzzled looks)

I know.

Let's put this in perspective, shall we? Just last week, Chris was heard singing "Morning Has Broken" on the radio. It was truly awful. We are an embarrassment to society. And yet? We made it through the "if anyone objects, speak now or be forever miserable" phase.

I have no idea how this is going to go. There's an interview. There's maybe a secret handshake to learn. There are penny loafers to make Chris wear.

My question to you is, what does one wear to a yacht club interview? I thought I might get us some matching sweatshirts, with a three wolf moon motif. Except with chickens.



Kelly said...

I would suggest whale pants, preferably in lime green. I would be glad to send you some if your neighborhood clothier is out of stock.

cIII said...

I would give that Sweatshirt a big "Yes!" Especially if the yacht club is pants optional. And in my Book, any yacht club worth it's Salt has a Pants Optional protocol.

You know, it's important to keep a solid Core temperature.

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Now dear, I totally envy your wardrobe. I've witnessed your finery many times. You'll be just fine. If Chris dresses anything like B, then just make a quick trip to Watson's or Puritan Clothing (that's what we do). ;)

just making my way said...

"Prom eyes" cracked me up.

I think a tri-chicken sweatshirt is exactly what this world needs. Especially if they are howling at the moon.

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Maybe a headdress made from the chicken feathers? Like a Hawaiian chief's?

Laggin said...

Take the molting chicken to the interview. She will help leave the "right" impression.

Susan said...

If by "right impression" you mean "we harbor stripper chickens."

We shall rename her Carmen Electrolux.

Susan said...

Kelly - I think we should come to YOUR neighborhood for some whale pants! Seems like a good reason for a trip.

CIII - pretty sure it's pants optional. I think that was on our list of requirements.

CCRR - I'm leaving Chris in the car for the interview, and apparently taking a chicken in his place.

JMMW - When I make the shirt, I'll start an Etsy site, k?

Kristin - Pretty sure I already have one of those.