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Saturday, December 19, 2009

a career on ESPN

We had breakfast at Hole in One this morning. It's a donut shop. GET IT?!?! Hole in One?

On our way out, Sugarplum asked about the name and why they had golf clubs on their sign.

Me: Sugarplum, do you know what a hole in one is?
Me: Like in mini-golf?
Sugarplum: Yes! when you hit the ball and you get a goal without hitting it again. But it's much harder on a REAL soccer field.


Bella said...

what? you can't play golf on a soccer field now? she right you know, it IS much harder to get a hole in one on a soccer field.

just making my way said...

I think she could start a whole new game. It could sweep the nation!!

Laggin said...

Yeah, well, I still remember your question about the soccer shin guards! But that's what makes you all so adorable.

Susan said...

Laggin - In which "adorable" = "pathetic." But see how far she's come with the soccer? She knows it's a field.

Marcy said...

Yeah, yeah, cute kid. But now I can't go to bed 'cause all I want is a donut from The Hole in One. Glad to hear they're still there; maybe this spring... And glad to see you survived the blizzard. The cute kid also wields a fine snow shovel!