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Saturday, December 19, 2009

happy blizzard!

Can someone tell me why kids are so frantic to go play in snow?

It's barely light out, yet something primal woke them from sound sleeps and marched them to the slider in awe. Note: In this part of the world we call sliding glass doors "sliders."* I am not from this part of the world.

I am from a snowier part of the world. We made snow caves and snow angels. All winter there was snow snow snow snow snow. My mother, who was not from that part of the world, was fond of noting that our town often looked like a Christmas card. It was true.

I, too, woke up early to enjoy the snow. This is what I do to enjoy the snow: Make coffee, look out windows, enjoy the quiet.

I like going out in the snow if it involves reaching a warm destination which serves food. I like going out in the snow when I am properly equipped and no particle of actual snow touches my actual body. Frankly, I cannot believe I survived my childhood.

The chickens, for the record, stand with me on this point. Did you know that chickens are quite expressive? Right now they have "this is not remotely funny" written all over their faces.

Meanwhile, the kids have made so many snow angels they are eliminating the need to shovel.

And I'm making more coffee.

Which I'll share with the chickens.

(child labor)

*In this part of the world, liquor stores are called package stores. Officially. So yesterday everyone was "off to the packie" in preparation for the storm. I love New England.


Cheryl said...

Loved your post and the child labor pic. You're in CT, right? Well, that's not really part of New England. As rustically beautiful as some of CT is, most of it's just an extension of Boston from the north and NYC from the south. Take it from a Yankee (not the doodle dandy or baseball type), we love your money but can't wait 'til you spend it and leave. And right now, this NH woman is really glad everyone south of us got more snow than we're going to see! ^_^

Susan said...

I believe according to you folks in NH, I'm a Masshole. ;)

(I'm on Cape Cod)

JAbel said...

I miss that term"I'm going to the Packie".I wonder what the origin of the word is in regards to buying hooch.Perhaps it relates to Prohibition? Anyhoo enjoy the snow! My word is soondie as In I spent a pleasant hour with the NYTimes soondie book review.

Cheryl said...

After I left that comment, I remembered your funny location between the bay and the ocean making you bi-coastal. Forehead slap.

And yes, some folks from heah do tend to use that term of affection for you flatlanders. It's usually a comment on the Bostonian way of driving. Flatlander, on the other hand, is old school NH, ME, & VT Yankee-speak for folks from away.

JAbel said...

Is that a statue off to the right of the kids?

Susan said...

Jabel - yes, it's St. Francis and belongs to my MiL. I knocked his head off when I first moved here. Not on purpose.

JAbel said...

Wow,I was thinking it looked like a Saint Francis statue.Must be that Catholic childhood guilt.

Celia said...

haha, I don't care for snow. Well, if the house is clean and full of snacks and no one I love has to drive and I don't have work, I look outside and say "that is pretty". If all of the above conditions are not met, I say "godamnit I hate snow". For a good time, live in a row house where they can't plow.

*However, if at all possible, be pregnant during a blizzard because not only does no one WANT you to shovel they are horrified at the very idea and then give you more snacks. hee hee

Susan said...

Celia, I was afraid you'd never come back after that mouse post.

just making my way said...

"Off to the packie!" So true. But first they had to stop at the grocery store for bread and milk!

Our yard looks much the same and the kids are in heaven. I'm with you and the chickens.

Celia said...

Argh mice. I am overly paranoid about stuff like that from the class I took in culinary school. ick. Our last apartment had roaches. I almost died. I threw out just about everything we owned and sprinkled boric acid on everything else for fear one would tag along when we moved. Thankfully, they stayed behind. Hork.

MsPicketToYou said...

When I started HS in mass and everyone was referring to "packies," I thought they meant "we're gonna buy some beer and pack it up so our parents never see."


Also, wikkid is cool, right?

Glad you're making it through.

SoccerMom said...

Never heard "Off to the packie", kinda funny to say. PPl in the Midwest will love it, I think it's a keeper. Thanks for sharing.

All Adither said...

I'm so with you on enjoying the snow. From inside. With coffee.