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Thursday, December 31, 2009

how Chris Brogan taught me to use my phone

Just a little warning: I had 3.5 hours of sleep last night and I woke up this morning all wide-eyed, with a teenager crush on the world. What I'm saying is, beware of majestically long sentences with rainbows and sugar sprinkles popping out of them.

At one point last night I was standing in the wings watching a Clutch show, and Chris Brogan taught me how to use my Droid.

It all started a couple years ago when I begged a mutual friend to ask Lindsay Maines if I could interview her husband. Lindsay did a quick Google background check on me, found that I was absolutely not to be trusted and we've been friends ever since.

Now I know the last two paragraphs are all linky-linky name droppy and all, but seriously, I don't know anybody. I am a shy little hermit. How I end up in these situations is completely beyond me. It seems the simple smallness of the world does all the work and sometimes it's just a matter of showing up.

Last night, we showed up.

I must here admit that I had the giggles almost all day yesterday. We, the Trouts, were going to see, ON PURPOSE, four hard core bands - a significant switch from the tea-and-crumpety pace life has taken lately.

This is fine for me because although I am an old and persnickety owner of chickens/knitter of felted squid/would-be player of mah jong if someone would teach me, I have a history of rock shows.

Chris, on the other hand, is just plain persnickety.

We spent most of the show in the balcony, staring saucer-eyed at the mosh pit. Have you looked at a mosh pit from above? It bears a striking resemblance to something you'd see on a microscope slide.

A few songs into the Clutch set, we met up with Lindsay (if you didn't click the link, her husband is the bass player), who scurried us back stage. And that's when things got surreal.

The next thing we know, Lindsay's heading back out to collect Chris Brogan (who I wrote about here). And the four of us head off to find a place to watch the show. On stage.

Standing in the wings, Chris Brogan and I both pull out our Droids for a picture. I notice the band is more glorious on his screen than mine so I poke around and discover that you can zoom with the Droid's camera. Wonder of wonders. Chris said he discovered it when he saw a guy at the Pixies show do the same thing.

Which means that not only are rock shows a business expense, they could probably be paid for out of the kids' 529 account.

So I basically went to a Droid workshop with a couple thousand of my closest friends (who were, I must say, pretty awesome as show crowds go). A few of those new friends we hope to keep forever and always. Because as tea and crumpety as we've become, we have an awful lot in common with people who love rock and roll.

For instance, we could all use a nap.


TwoBusy said...

Cue Sheila E's "The Glamorous Life..."

Jett said...

It's hard to love Clutch and be thirty-eight all in one fell swoop.

I must admit, I'm doing an admirable job. They should be so grateful.

What I want to know is how are their knees holding up?

for a different kind of girl said...

I just read and commented on this with my new iTouch and thought I was feeling pretty rock star. You, lady, have schooled me!

Rock and Roll Mama said...

and your Chris are total rockstars, and I had so much fun kicking it with our little posse backstage. The best was when the long metal stick came out of nowhere and almost impaled us- just kicking up a notch the risk a good rock night carries.:) So glad the world is itty and wee- I love it.

raine said...

I had to ask Jamie who Clutch was...he tells me that they're a good band, albeit a little heavy on the drums. I'm a folky - I can't be blamed for that, I'm fromthe Yukon. Can I be a rocker by association with you?

just making my way said...

I see how you try to play all, "Oh we're no one special" and tea and crumpety and all. Well, we're on to you and your secret coolness, lady!!

Happy New Year!

Laggin said...

I'm all jaw on the floor. I mean first you live in San Fran (! Ha. I do know better now) and you get to do this stuff.

Can you be my Dorothy and bring some cool to Oz? Oh wait, Dorothy's not cool. But you get the idea. And I'm up with sparkly shoes.

Susan said...

TwoBusy - it runs in a continuous loop around here.

Jett - I couldn't believe the age range at that show. From little kids to people Older Than Me. Unheard of.

Fadkog - I haven't figured out how to read and comment with my droid. You are way ahead of me. Want to go to a show and teach me a thing or two? I read on the internet that it's a tax deduction.

Linds - xxoo. That is all.

Raine - I wish you would. I still think your Jamie and my Chris would like hanging out. Let's have a cross-continental play date.

JMMW and Laggin - I am exactly as cool as Dorothy. And I look awesome in gingham. AND I take a picnic hamper wherever I go.