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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

how many people can you cram in your kitchen?

I just read a Lifehacker thingy on figuring out how many people you can fit in your home for a party.

I was curious about it because we have this annual Christmas sing and I'm never sure how many people to invite. Our house is not big. The first year I invited twice as many people as I had chairs because, hello, it's about the dorkiest party ever and I was pretty sure no one would come. I was right.

But! The people who did come were freakishly enthusiastic because guess what? We have dorky friends. Who like to sing. So they asked us to have the party again the next year. They campaigned, actually. Because apparently no one else is dorky enough to host this particular sort of party.

I know this because I've been trying to get someone else to do it for years.

A woman I babysat for in high school had a Christmas sing at her house and it was the best part of the holiday. Cookies, decorations, music - what's not to like? I can't even sing. I've been angling for an invitation to a similar party ever since. Invitations have not been forthcoming.

Anyway. It's been going on a few years now and it seems I'm totally blowing the lifehacker calculation. I invited 75 people and then asked Chris to invite the people I forgot.

So... 5 feet times 75 guests equals... how big is 375 square feet? I can't picture it, but I think we'll have people sitting in the tub. Good thing Chris can rig speakers throughout the house.

The calculation should be altered for Christmas parties, I think, because there are so blasted many of them. Weirdly, people feel they should show up for their own office parties before they come to my singy thingy. WHATEVER.

It's okay. I'm not afraid.

It's December and our lives are full of eggnog and open houses and music music music (the noise noise noise noise).

Which is a lifehacker calculation all of its own.


Adam P. Knave said...

I use the old rule of thumb for how many people can fit into a space. "When they start screaming because someone in front is being crushed it's JUST RIGHT."

Jett said...

Sometimes I get a little cynical about the endless march from cocktail party to gathering to open house; last year my husband said to me, "You are grumbling because you are popular and people want you at their parties. The fuck?"

And he was right. And I always-but-ALways have a good time. Your kind of party is my idea of one. Only with tortilla rolls and fresh salsa.

Susan said...

Adam - that's brilliant.

Jett - Never say yes to a party that doesn't have yummy snacks. It's an abomination and the Christ Child wouldn't approve.

Adam P. Knave said...

I, of course, don't get INVITED to parties. But, those of you who know me understand why. So I shall have to live vicariously through yours. NO PRESSURE.

Celia said...

You are BRAVE. We are in a row home and our kitchen fits two, if one of them is skinny. Otherwise it's "I'm sorry, excuse me, whoops" No room at this inn.

When we move again( ack!) I am demanding a kitchen large enough to ice skate in.

We are planning on having a meet and greet for the baby in April, and I am pretty scared that people will stay and not leave. I hate crowds.

Meadowlark said...

We can't have parties because we can only invite Husband's friends and they are all normal (cops... you know) and don't do weird/dorky stuff. Kinda bums me out every year. :(

I'm still waiting to have a literary cocktail party - dress as your favorite drug/drink imbibing author.

All I can say is PIC. TURES.

Lisa said...

Your party sounds like very much fun. And even if it is too crammed, people come and go in the social whirl, as you said, and so hopefully the overpacked won't be a constant issue.

I love holiday parties!

Kristin @ Going Country said...

We always invite too many people (usually around a hundred, which fills the downstairs), but they all jam in anyway. If half of our house wasn't unheated, we could invite a lot more. But then we'd have to cook and clean more, so . . . no.

Greg said...

Oh, I really hope I'll be out of work in time to attend! This sounds like more fun every minute. Guess who else is a giant dork at Christmas?

First said...

I've been to most Trout Towers Christmas sings and nothing would keep me away except for the Big Band Christmas gig at my mothers nursing home....really and truly..it's the best!

for a different kind of girl said...

Cripes, the Christmas gatherings I usually attend typically involve things like rejection, bitter disappointment, and the need for an incredibly strong bladder so you don't have to risk losing the one seat in the crowded living room you staked upon arrival by getting up to go to the bathroom. Trust me. You don't want to stare down my weird brother-in-law who STILL doesn't know my name after 15 years when you return and find him parked in your former domain. Your party sounds way better.

Janine said...

ok, this has nothing to do with this post, but I just want to say that I have not been ignoring you. It's just that I have not looked at my blog email in a long time mostly because no one USED to email me - so I didn't receive your comments to my comments until today.

Comforting perhaps is the fact that you are not the only victim of my negligence. Because of this oversight I also blocked someone who reads my blog from my twitter posts.

So, I am turning over a new leaf and will now be more responsible about the whole mail checking thing. Most likely not about anything else though because I am basically a screw up.

Leslie said...

I remember those christmas carol sings and I miss them too. Maybe I should have one but we have no furniture down where the piano is and havn't tuned it in years. Maybe a good thing then we won't know who is singing in tune and who isn't. Hay no furniture leads to more sq feet/person

just making my way said...

Hmmm. Clearly we need to do some more meets and greets in the future. 'Cause I want in!