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Sunday, December 13, 2009

you'll get a live mouse for Christmas and like it. so there.

I think it's because our television is really awkward to get to. And once you get to it, there are no comfortable chairs. And it's drafty.

That seems the only explanation for why Christmas has become something altogether different around here. The people telling us what to do and how to feel are musicians. And lord knows they are a bizarre lot.

We have seriously been spending all our time going from party to fundraiser to charity rock gig to reckless celebration of all that's right with the season. We have not been shopping. We're not sure what we're supposed to shop for. But we do know we should send some cash over to the NOAH shelter and we should help underwrite a couple of radio shows we dig and make some woolies for women and kids or warm up those who are not loving the winter so much. We know this because instead of sitting in an uncomfortable chair, in a drafty room, watching tv, we've been hanging with our friends.

I know, I'm getting preachy.

But dagnabit, Christmas is not about getting a Lexus. And it's not about getting in a twist if you don't get a Lexus.

So I think I'm making everyone dorky little presents this Christmas, and contributing to some local organizations with what's left over. Maybe I'll make pipecleaner reindeer antlers and make some of these mice into Christmas gifts, if people are really lucky.

And yes, there's a big package on its way here from Amazon because we do not sleep on beds of nails and transcend all human desires. If we know someone really could use something, we try to get it for them. Also I ordered myself a new phone to take the pressure off.

But there's a balance.

Amazon doesn't sell the life we want. It just sells things to make our lives look like the lives we want.

Frankly, I'd rather have a life.

(I forgot to mention all the people who gave their time and talents to the "Christmas Miracle" cd. 22 tracks, one weekend. Benefits Fragile Footprints @ Jordan Hospital. Puts things in perspective, no?)


Zip n Tizzy said...

Hallelujah sister!
You've got the spirit of the season!

Kristin @ Going Country said...

I think your comment about Amazon is one of the best things I've ever read. Two thumbs up for the truth.

Your Name Here said...

Most of my family gave up on gifts of any significance a while back. We do little things, then donate to each others' charities. I learned that from a friend of mine and have loved that ever since.

Love to you all this holiday season... Love and woolly things..


just making my way said...

Loud round of applause! You've got it right, Susan.

(I really dislike those Lexus commercials.)

Tiny Dancer said...

You inspired me to write about following the wisemen's example of just 3 gifts to each kid.

Now if only I wrote as wonderfully as you.

Oh and you can keep your live mouse!

Lisa said...

I don't need a Lexus, but I'm bitter about my gift. The poo, the poo!

for a different kind of girl said...

When I saw the Lexus commercial last week, what with it's "When you give someone a Lexus..." business, I rolled my eyes. Then I helped the boys finish their shoebox of gifts for a church donation, and was blessed to discover they 'get it' even though they know they're not going to get some of the its they think they want this year. All is well.

All Adither said...

A balance. That's so perfect.

Laggin said...

I like this. Now I have to figure out how to make our TV room drafty and uncomfortable. Hmm.

raine said...

Oh my. But(I just love...to shop - don't tell anyone).

Susan said...

(me too)

Peace Turkey said...

We had a gift exchange at work and it was one of those "write down three things you want so Santa knows what to get you (but keep it to $20)" kind of gift exchanges. I said I wanted a donation to the Animal Rescue League.

Sure, it was very earnest and a little preachy and I got made fun of for it. But the doggies got a donation. And really, the only thing I would have asked for was 4 bottles of $5 wine.

And I didn't really think anyone needed to know I drink cheap wine.

Bravo Trout fam!

TwoBusy said...

I'll let you explain to my wife how you just guilted me into returning the Lexus I was going to give her.

Thanks a lot.

jennifer said...

the bestest way to REALLY enjoy shopping is to go pick a little kids name off a tree (post offices, brewster ladies library...) and shop for them. i hate to think what these little Santa - believers - in would get otherwise. And not one child i buy for could come up with anything they really want anyway (except of course the ever joyous "cash" request...

excellent post, Susan!

raine said...

You can buy bottles of wine for 5 bucks in the states? I'm movin!!