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Thursday, January 14, 2010

ballet boy

Long ago and far away, I dated a man from the Dominican Republic. He was a dancer and we spent most of our evenings watching either hockey or ballet. I was, I must admit, quite infatuated with the idea of dating someone from a ballet company. It is often the ideas of things we have a crush on, isn't it? The reality of our relationship is a little fuzzy, since my concept of it was so vastly off base. It turns out the real lives of Princes Charming are not made of organza and tulle, nor populated by wandering minstrels. I never truly accepted this discrepancy.

This is what I remember most about him: He said "There is enough ugly in life. Art should be beautiful." He said this because I tended toward the edgey, spikey, thinky kinds of art. I still do. But his statement resonated with me.

Here's what I wonder: If people end up looking like their dogs, do they also end up acting like their art?

Both of these make me nervous. I kind of wanted a pug (although Sugarplum nixed that when we read about eyes popping out). I think we do end up acting like our art. I, for one, get snippy if I listen to too many hours of old school British punk. I do not currently have much artwork that's the equivalent of old school British punk, but I used to. I wonder if it was his comment that weaseled its way into my tastes?

Like my dancer prince, I want life to be made of organza and tulle - I just want it to be smart organza and opinionated tulle. I want it to make the world better and smarter and edgier. I want it to be beautiful and honest and faithful to itself. I want it to lift things up, not cover them up.

It's a fine line, and I want to make sure I'm not going the route of rose-colored glasses.

It's also possible he just didn't want to go to art openings with me any more. Right after the art comment, he may have said "I don't especially like your friends and I don't understand their art and I think there's a game on." I just heard the bit about beauty.

It's the kind of things pretend princes say.


Bert said...

First, I don't see you as a pug (and I agree, the eye popping thing is gross. I prefer to read about pugs here http://masonpug.wordpress.com). Border collie matches you better- highly intelligent, strong-willed, and will destroy the house if not mentally stimulated.

Was just listening to Beirut (Jason Poranski's dad lives here and is a pal of mine). I think they fit your bill of smart and edgy without being grating (like old Brit punk).

Debbie said...

It's OK to act like your art. If you like your art, you're good to go:)

TwoBusy said...

I don't actually know what organza and tuille are - I'm not sure if they're plants or fabrics - but in any case: by god, this was fun and elegant to read.

Sorry. I suck at commenting. But I really liked the post.

Susan said...

The most important thing, TwoBusy, is that you not confuse organza with gorgonzola.

All Adither said...

Lovely, lovely post. I've wondered this myself.

Greg said...

Maybe you could make a dog out of organza and tulle.

Like every other thing that spills from your fingertips, I just love this post.

I totally swooned for an idealistic, poet of a Nutcracker Prince on my 27th birthday. At least that's how I choose to remember it. :D

Rock and Roll Mama said...

Can I just say how lovely this post is? There's at least 3 lines I want to engrave on something so I don't forget them. I love your writing, it's like really good coffee with cream instead of milk. MWAH. Bellissima, dahling.

Ambley said...

I agree. As with any bad boyfriend, it's what you *thought* you would have that you miss, not what you actually had. Luckily, the good is oft what's remembered as well - I love the way you describe that.

I also had a ballet company indiscretion - in a complete loss of all reason, it was of the touring variety. Where is that girl? How is she a forty-something mom now?

Aidee said...

Hello again. I'm back in blogworld!


Susan said...

Hi Aidee! I'm still wearing my daisy chain friendship bracelet.

Laggin said...

First off, I somehow thought this post would be about Studley. Yes. Laugh at me.

Second, the tulle and organza bit? Wonderful. The gorgonzola bit? Hilarious. And organza and tulle lifting things up, not covering them up? BRILLIANT. I want to think like you when I grow up.

As for princes, the only kind worth the while unfortunately appear to be the pretend type.