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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Opera Hell

Next week Trout Towers (the real Trout Towers, not the blog Trout Towers) is hosting Opera Betty's Hell Week: Seven Operas in Seven Days. People may or may not come.

It turns out all the operas we'll be watching need to be added to the Opera Betty site, therefore I'll be spending a bit of time there in the next few days. I've just added a synopsis for La Fille du RĂ©giment. I have six to go. Here's the schedule so you can play along at home:

Sun: La Fille du Regiment
Mon: La Boheme
Tues: Tosca
Wed: Romeo and Juliet
Thurs: Salome
Fri: The Barber of Seville
Sat: Magic Flute

It seemed a nice mix of comedy, tragedy and nudity. Do enjoy.


Celia said...

Fun! I enjoy opera. In my secret lair, when no one is around to complain about me inflicting opera on them.

raine said...

I do NOT like opera. Will you still be my friend? It's not my fault - I'm Canadian.

George said...

As long as there is ´hair´ involved (Salome, Barber of Sevilla) I´m okay with opera

Then again, the word verification is `Eutbrele´, which sound like some Swedish opera about a wife and mother waiting for her husband to return from a journey of looting, murder and other discomfort. Okay, as long as the husband has a beard

soccermom said...

That sure is ALOT of opera. Good luck with that. Sincerely!

Lemon Gloria said...

While I am kind of a Philistine, I did see Tosca in Rome in the Baths of Caracalla, before they decided that all the people tramping through there was ruining the ruins. As for La Boheme, I have to say, I was all, oh, just die of consumption already.

TwoBusy said...

Wait, what? Nudity? What?

just making my way said...

omigod, omigod! Rabbit of Seville is my favorite Bugs Bunny cartoon! It's...wait. Barber of Seville? Hmmmm.

ehgreen said...

Which week / dates / times / contacts please. tia
ehgreen at cape dot com