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Friday, January 22, 2010

writing and poetics

Well hello there.

We are 5/7 of the way through Opera Hell Week here at Trout Towers. I've been feverishly writing synopses over at Opera Betty so that our guests would be fully operational when they arrived to watch. I am in the midst of a Barber of Seville synopsis right now. For those of you unfamiliar with Opera Betty, it's as if a frat boy put down his everclear punch long enough to write a column on fine wine. Except it's not about wine and I don't drink everclear.

I also have a freshly penned post over at Polite Fictions. It equates retirement to a kind of slow death, which is one of my fears. Thank goodness we will have to work until we're 104. After that we'll be put in a museum.

Finally, I wrote lyrics for a country song despite a longstanding dislike of country music. Some friends wrote the music and I filled in the blanks based on their description of how it was to go down. Once it's recorded I'll have Chris make me some kind of virus which will have the song play on your computer every time you type the letter q. You're welcome.

You may now carry on with your carryings on.


just making my way said...

Thank goodness my name isn't Quintana

Cheryl said...

Oh crap! I just know word verification will be linked to this in some way and every word will have a q!

Susan said...

You'll all be asking each other "help! What's another word for quotidian??"

I am a community builder.

Lemon Gloria said...

Retirement appeals. I never get bored when left to my own devices. At work, however, bored a lot.

Greg said...

Hey, why can't I see the synopsii(??) for Barber or The Magic Flute over at Opera Betty?!?

And WHEN's the next Opera Night...OMG, withdrawal so bad!

Susan said...

Greg - I didn't do a synopsis for Magic Flute because the story annoys me.
Voila. My synopsis.

Barber is still there, it's just down the page a bit. Scroll, my sweet.

Kelly said...

I quickly read this and thought you were 5/7 of the way through Oprah Hell. Which would be an entirely different post.

Laggin said...

Well, hello, back at 'ya.