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Saturday, February 6, 2010


Brighton is snowed in and has lost power. She has a gas stovetop and a pantry full of non-perishables, so it will be at least three weeks before they have to eat the dog.

If worse comes to worse they can sit on the kitchen counter and warm themselves by the stove. I have no reason to be worried about them. And yet, I am.

They have no internet.

The kids have smart phones and so could just keep charging them in the car but the car is in the garage and the garage door is electric so if they want to charge their phones without draining the car battery they will first have to take an ax to the garage door. Which can be splintery.

And while the kids have smart phones, I'm quite sure Brighton does not and can you even imagine what she's missing on facebook right now? There is a Winter Emergency in her area and how will she know if she can't read all the snowmageddon posts?

To be prepared for a disaster, you really need a 5lb drum of beans, a 5lb drum of rice, a cubic acre of fresh water and a hamster-powered wifi rig.

Speaking of hamsters and natural disasters, people are always asking us if we're going to eat our chickens when they get too old to lay eggs. This is a totally unfair question because our cat has not laid a single egg, ever.

Our cat is extremely lucky it is not snowing here.


Cheryl said...

You are just too damn funny! Even in your worry, you are one twisted sister. Your sequeway at the end was priceless.

Hope Brighton enjoys Snowmaggedon (did our President actually say that out loud?). Yesterday, my friends in VA were talking about how everyone was snoverreacting to the weather reports. They've got snow all over their faces today.

Lemon Gloria said...

I hear you on the cat. Our baby doesn't lay eggs or even clean his own room, but we're not eating him either. And despite the snowmageddon, we still have power. And internet. Thankfully. I'm not a fan of hamsters.

Janine@Phantom Zucchini said...

You know, before the internet we always noticed how quiet it was without electricity, but now I'm left in a dark too-quiet room and completely friendless.

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

A friend of mine in Virginia attempted to go grocery shopping before the storm. She said the store was out of milk, bread, and... toilet paper. I hope the Red Cross has some extra t.p. in their stash.

Zip n Tizzy said...

We have a 5 gallon drum of rice, a 5 gallon drum of beans and a case of emergency water packs...
But, they're all in the garage. Good thing it doesn't snow here. We do have earthquakes however, so I really should find a better place for them.

I hope she gets a break soon. We're even hearing about it out in CA. Apparently their stores are out of mushrooms, because you know how in emergencies there's always a rush on mushrooms.

JAbel said...


just making my way said...

That cat comment made me laugh out loud!

I hope Brighton makes it through - that sounds like it would be fun for about an hour. And then I would slowly start to lose my mind a la Jack Nicholson in The Shining. (Although hopefully without the ax murderer part...)

Laggin said...

They are predicting snow here tonight so my kids are all "NO SCHOOL TOMORROW, I DON'T HAVE TO CLEAN MY ROOM TONIGHT, MOOOOM." But you just know they will be disappointed and I'll have to be the bad guy and drag them out of bed in the morning.

P.S. Want me to mail you my cat. She's fat. I bet she'd be good vitels.

Jett said...

My friend Kristin is snowed in over in Balty Moor. She sent me a picture of her street piled up with a couple feet of snow yesterday and I was all 'LUUUUCKYYY!'

Then she sent me a text back saying the cat was eyeballing her funny, with a picture of the cat attached and I decided I wasn't jealous of her after all.

To be snowed in with cat surely must be some sort of hellish thing, abundance of snack foods or no.