‎"...a little 'trouty', but quite good" ~ Eve Kendall, North By Northwest

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Outermost Radio

I have now been on the radio twice, which makes me a consummate professional. Or a consommé professional. One of those.

Last Friday I was a guest on the English Breakfast Show at WOMR in Provincetown. This required that I get up and out at an absurd hour so as to arrive in Provincetown by 8a.m. Provincetown is not particularly close to me, so I thought I should leave myself some time. I woke up at 5:30.

I didn't have to wake up at 5:30 because really, how long does one need to get ready for radio? I woke up because I kept having those dreams in which my phone was ringing and the station was saying aren't you supposed to be here? Over and over again.

I got up and dressed and still had about, oh, seven hours before I was due, so I stopped by the bakery to bring them a little something. I heard the English are fond of kippers for breakfast but then someone sent me a kipper link and oh hork. I got scones.

The show started at 6am and they were in full swing as I drove north. It is very funny to hear oneself discussed on the air, let me tell you. They were playing songs pertaining to trout and towers and because my mind isn't what it used to be, I was all "oh my gosh! I have a blog called Trout Towers! Can you believe the coincidence????" Thankfully I figured it all out before I arrived and went on the air. Ahem.

Driving into Provincetown, it hit me what a crazy opportunity I'd been given. I was in a seaside artist colony, as a guest on a community radio show. Provincetown has seen the likes of Eugene O'Neil, Norman Mailer, Hans Hoffman, Robert Motherwell and so many more it's just ridiculous. When you drive into town on an early winter morning, it's easy to imagine all those people sleeping off the previous night. Under normal circumstances this revelation would have made me turn around and go hide under my bed.

I arrived way ahead of schedule, since in February there's no traffic and you can actually find a parking space. I sat in my car and listened to the show hosts banter on about what they were supposed to call me and what they thought I'd be like.

Despite my hermit tendencies, the desire to be part of all this was irresistible. And there were scones to eat. I went upstairs and proceeded to regale them with tales of Trout.

At one point I mentioned that I'm an introvert, which puzzled my host Sebastian. First, he sings at Showgirls (the drag cabaret in town) and does theater so it's probably hard for him to imagine how anyone could even be an introvert. Second, he wasn't wrapping his head around how an introvert is okay with writing so publicly. That's just plain silly. I'm not writing publicly. I'm writing on my couch, by myself, while my robot vacuum cleans up after my children. There is nothing public about this.

And the fact that people all over the world could tune in and listen to the radio show? Neither here nor there. I got to sit in a historic building, chatting with two new friends about nothing in particular.

I was invited to be part of one of the most creative communities you can imagine, and it was a blast. We can definitely chalk this one up in the "things you never imagined doing" column. Pretty neat.

And it's all because I sit on the couch writing, and you read.

Thank you.


Jett Superior said...

I just love you.

....and am jelliz that I don't have a robot yet. Maybe Maxim can build that next.

All Adither said...

You're so famous! That sounds like a really fabulous opportunity. And you deserve it.

Cheryl said...

Oh hork and scowkv. Kippers. Ew. Delightfully funny. I love my caffeine sprinkled with a little trout first thing in the morning. Great way to wake up.

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Yeah. This blogging thing is weird, right? So public, and yet so private in a way.

How come every time I read your posts, I end up wanting a food you mention? Scones today. Maybe because you always mention a food. And that may be why I love your posts.

just making my way said...

Ya, kippers? Hork is right!

You however, are fabulous, and it is a joy to sit on my couch and read what you write. (Or in my desk chair at work, like I'm doing right now. Sshh.)

And next time, shoot me an email so I can tune in!

Celia said...

Suuuuusannnnn, thank Gawd you brought scones and not kippers. Holy Cats that would have smelled. Probably as bad as when I was packing my husbands lunch of pulled pork and pepperjack cheese. Not the best smell at 8 a.m. Bleck.

If you are of a mind to make yourveryown scones, How To Cook Everything has an excellent recipe. Plus, you can freeze em and they reheat very nicely in the toaster oven.

Lemon Gloria said...

Love love love. And there is trout. And a tower. And hey, that's you! I bet everyone had the best time listening to you on the show.

Years ago I was on a road trip from DC to California with one of my best friends, and we were at a bar in Taos, having a beer. Sierra Nevada, to be exact. And looking at the map, planning our next day. And suddenly I was all, hey, Maude, what a coincidence! We're drinking Sierra Nevada and LOOK, there are mountains called the Sierra Nevadas! Who knew?


MsPicketToYou said...

you are so cool, trout, hot damn.

JAbel said...

Wow,sounds fun and that is a load of info about Kippers on that link.