‎"...a little 'trouty', but quite good" ~ Eve Kendall, North By Northwest

Friday, February 19, 2010

Trouts on the move!

No need to avert your gaze; we are not spawning. We just went on vacation.

I was looking for places to go and realized all my research involved restaurants. I mean really, does it matter where you go as long as there's good food? So we went to Boston, which is practically like going to Europe on the cheap.

We stayed in the Custom House, aka the pointy pointy clock tower near Boston Harbor. It's historic. I can tell you all about it if you'd like. I can even tell you that the bathrooms were very clean and the rooms were quite lovely before we had our way with them.

And I can tell you that it's a block away from Quincy Market and even though you might feel like you're eating in the gift shop and it's totally cheating to grab meals there, you'll want to get the mac and cheese.

When we were done with the mac and cheese, we wandered to the North End and continued eating. We went to Theo's, Antico Forno and Taranta, with a little stop by Mike's Pastry just to be thorough.

The night we went to Taranta, Sugarplum told everyone in the hotel that "mommy is going out to dinner with two of her invisible friends." Specifically, TwoBusy and Ms. Picket of Polite Fictions.

When you meet internet friends for the very first time in real life, you should try stepping on the tablecloth and knocking over the table. You will have to catch dishes a la Crouching Tiger and your invisible friends will be very impressed. Or they will pretend not to know you.

You know what's funny about meeting invisible friends? You feel like a total stalker. You can practically finish their stories and you know all these personal things despite the fact that you have never seen them before in your life. It's wonderful and completely unnerving all at once.


Contrary to popular belief, we did not just eat. We went to museums. With our children. On school vacation week. Without sedatives.

As you know, we spent Monday at the MFA. On Tuesday we went to the Museum of Science (lightening!). On Wednesday we used our clout as Trouts and were admitted to the aquarium early, as guests. We were gloaty Trouts. On Friday we went to the Isabella Stewart Gardner and the ICA.

Coming from the Gardner, our view of the ICA was a little skewed. We usually like modern architecture and contemporary art, but after the Gardner we found it, how shall I say? Soul-suckingly barren. Also a little giggle-worthy as all we could think of was Unhappy Hipsters.

Chris and I discussed this in the privacy of the glass elevator. You have to be careful in places like that or you inadvertently become performance art. I wonder sometimes if modern museums have microphones that are set to only pick up hushed tones. These whispers are then broadcast into another part of the museum as disembodied secrets.

I think it's brilliant, actually, and if you are the curator of a modern museum, you're welcome.

I learned some things through visiting all those museums. If you are a 20-something looking to work/intern at one of Boston's fine institutions, I can direct you toward the best fit based on my fashion observations. I could absolutely distinguish between museums if I were blindfolded, spun in circles and then introduced to an intern.

I also learned that when parents sound smart when they're telling their kids something, they're probably reading from an exhibit card.

And that Bostonians are actually very nice and helpful, although it is a closely guarded secret.

And that after seven days of cannoli, it's nice to be home in sweat pants.

The end.


TwoBusy said...

The Muppet wants to know when you're coming back.

Cheryl said...

The REAL LIFE TwoBusy and Ms. Picket? Ooh Ahh and wowzer.

Loved this post and the links, especially the one comparing ICA to Unhappy Hipsters. *fist bump*

Princess Stupidhead said...

Welcome back!!! The Custom House - wow - Fancy!

Sounds like you had a great time - I mean, I'm glad you did. Even though I was bored, and terribly terribly lonely.

So bored I changed my name. Yes, it's kind of your fault.

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Two words about your trip...


(Do you realize you went to THE BEST Italian pastry shop this side of the pond? My Dad used to take home their lobster tails for us whenever he had meetings in Boston -- ok, that's now more than two words.)

PS - "lobster tails" as in "cream horns"

Shannon said...

It's only been 6 months since we moved away from Boston (only lived there just over a year) and I am so ready to go back for a vacation! I wish we didn't live 5 days travel away!

just making my way said...

Fun, fun and MORE fun! I love, love the Gardner Museum. I went to college down the road from there and sadly did not go as often as I should have.

Sounds like a wonderful time!

(And "yay!" for imaginary friends colliding with real life!)

Janna said...

This sounds like the BEST vacation.

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Boston has been on my vacation list since we moved to upstate New York seven years ago. We even lived just hours from it when we were in Albany, and yet still never managed to get there. And now, who knows when we'll next take a trip.

In sum, I am jealous. And would like some mac and cheese.

Susan said...

Yes Cheryl, the very ones! And they didn't even sell me into slavery, as I'm sure was their plan.

erica said...

i worked at the ICA back when they were in the old firehouse. i was one of the people who had to tell visitors to move their nose back from the art while they were closely inspecting it. this doesn't actually happen to much with contemporary art. in any case, i am so curious to hear about the great fashion divide between the museums, but think i also don't want to know!

Carolyn...Online said...

There's really no point in going anywhere unless the food is good.

And invisible friends becoming visible? Awesomeness.

JAbel said...

I always thought the Custom House would be a very cool hotel so glad to hear it is.I think when I lived in Boston it was empty then office space but it was such an imposing little tower.

Greg said...

So glad to hear of your holiday. Isn't it fun to meet Invisible Friends? I've had wonderful luck with it, myself.

The museums sound swell, especially your Elevator Ideas.

Rose Brier Studio said...

Isn't the Gardner absolutely the best? I's not sure which I love more-- the building or the paintings. My dh just told me they have extracted dna that might finally find who stole the art! My girl was awfully glad she got to see you all!