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Sunday, May 9, 2010

educating children

Okay so who here was awakened by breakfast-making children at 5:30 this morning?

Part of me was all "no Susan, Do Not Ruin this! Be a good sport! Do it for the children!" and the other part of me was all "who super-glued my eyes shut?"

I resuscitated myself enough to chose from the menu (created two weeks ago): Cheerios, toast, rice cake with peanut butter, peanut butter sandwich. I also got to pick something to drink. Studley had asked me a couple days ago how to make juice. He said "I know you start with water and salt, but then what?"

I had coffee.

But this isn't about me and my search to find a culinary institute who accepts 7 year olds. This is about why I am suing my own mother for emotional distress.

She came over this afternoon because we made her. I'm sorry, but there is just one of her and five of us so it goes that way. With her she brought the Heifer International magazine. It has pictures from all over the world and lots of animals - right up our alley.

"Look!" she said to Sugarplum, showing her the picture on the back. "Isn't it cute?"

Sugarplum looked at it quizzically. "What is it?"

It was a picture of two people and a very cute baby something or other in a pen. Frankly I had no idea what it was so I said, "well, read about it. There's a paragraph right under the picture."

Sugarplum, who reads voraciously and has been known to correct our spelling, looked at it again, looked more puzzled and handed it to me to read.

"In just three months in 1994, more than 800,000 Rwandans were killed in one of the worst acts of genocide in recent history...."

That? Will put you right off your peanut butter rice cake and salt water.


Bella said...

menu? you got a menu? i got a decorated bag with a granola bar, juice box, apple and instant cocoa. a couple of elbows in my ribs and 3 girls screaming and fighting over who gets to sit on top of mama. and i couldn't feel more loved.

good for mom bringing over heifer int'l... now that is an education for them. and what great dinner conversation that makes.... over a meal from the GRIT cookbook.

Logical Libby said...

Good call on the coffee.

Kristin @ Going Country said...

I made breakfast yesterday. I would have taken the salt water.