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Monday, May 24, 2010


At first I was perturbed with the universe for breaking our new washing machine just before Memorial Day weekend. I mean really, the timing couldn't have been worse. All our clients are kicking into full gear and we are simply not in the mood to wash our clothes in the stream.

Then I realized it was the best possible thing because you know what makes you want to do things like write press releases? An impending trip to the laundromat. I have gotten more things off my back-burner list in the last few days, all in the name of avoiding the laundromat. Sorry kids! Looks like we're stapling towels around you again for school today! Mommy is sooooooo busy.

One of the things I got done was edit a submission I wrote for the Magazine of Yoga. I had sent the first draft off a week or so ago and when the editor emailed me back it was more like having a personal trainer than an editor. Also a therapist. In the face of hauling 18 loads of laundry across town, her suggestions seemed surprisingly manageable. My post went up on the site this morning. (woot!)

Eighteen loads isn't much of an exaggeration.

It was also my turn at Polite Fictions last week. We're finishing up the alphabet of regret and I wrote U is for Us. You might like it, unless you're my mother in which case you should skip over the swearing part.

And finally, Opera Betty is getting a radio show! We go into production very soon. Right after the washing machine is fixed and I repair the staple holes in all our towels.


for a different kind of girl said...

I read U, or, to stretch the point, I read you over there at U. I haven't gotten to comment yet because, well, I've been lazy (the root of my own household laundry issues, perchance?), but you did U so very well.

Cheryl said...

Well now I'm p-i-s-t off at WordPress over at MoY. It won't let me sign in to leave a comment. That's almost as bad as fishing. Hmph.

The article was to die for or to live for depending on your perspective I guess. Seems like many things are breaking these days. I'm blaming it on Sarah Palin.

Tiny Dancer said...

My washer is working fine and I still have 18 loads of laundry to do. It's Spring and warm so I can't even blame the fact that the laundry is in an unheated part of the house.
Tell ya what, if I volunteer my washer and dryer (and I'll watch the kids) will you do my laundry?!

Susan said...

Sorry Cheryl
Someone will follow up with you by email about the commenting issue - we aren't trying to frustrate fans of the iconic Susan Blood!

BTW, if you like, we can do the set up so you'll have a subscriber name all ready for you or even do the posting for you.

Thanks for reading The Magazine of Yoga, where we love Susan as much as the rest of the world does!

Celia said...

I had a 3rd floor walk up and our dryer broke. We would put the laundry off till we had zero clean clothes. Actually we would put off everything, cause who wants to drag ANYTHING up 3 flights of stairs?

Susan said...

FADKOG - I know all about lazy. And thank you!

Dancer - ooooh, you know the magic "I'll watch the kids" phrase.

Susan - thanks for working on that. I've had that happen to me when I try to comment on wordpress sites sometimes. I resort to carrier chicken.

Celia - Hmmmm, perspective does make it better. No stairs and no public transportation to deal with. In other news, that is one darn cute baby you have.

TwoBusy said...

Before I realized it was a different Susan, I thought you were just referring to yourself as The Iconic Susan Blood. Which, clearly, is how I must refer to you from now on.

Kristin @ Going Country said...

I SO do not miss schlepping to the laundromat. It's a real downer. Fingers crossed your washing machine is all better soon.

Greg said...

I'll have to come back over for another garden tour with my camera; it appears you are in need of a guest blogger post.

Great to see you this weekend!

Susan M said...

Inquiring minds and discerning music lovers want to know: where can we listen to your amazing radio show?

As they say backstage at the Met, Toi toi toi!