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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yo Ma-Ma

I took my first cello lesson today.

I envisioned the cello and me running toward each other on the beach, enraptured. There would be rainbows and butterflies and an indisputable soul-connection. It would be love.

You have possibly already figured out it was not like that.

It was my fault we didn't hit it right off. The cello was, of course, completely itself. I was not. I was awkward and stilted.

My teacher kept telling me to relax.

I can't relax, I thought. I want it to love me.

It was even worse once we were alone. I couldn't hold the bow right. I didn't recognize the sound the strings made. I thought I knew this cello I had brought home with me. It felt so right at the stringed instrument rental place. It felt... perfect.

But cellos are different from violins (they don't sound like you're sitting on a cat, for starters). You hold the bow differently (who knew?). Cellos aren't as prissy as violins. They require a bit of weight.

I really need to stop comparing it to my ex. The violin was a long time ago. I was young. It's been over for years.

But I do have a blister from all the pizzicatoing. I didn't know playing cello would demand actual flesh.

I have about 17 pages of music to practice this week. I think that should get us started. A little time together would be a good thing.

I'm sure we can make it work.

I've got the rental for six months.


Keenie Beanie said...

I've always loved the cello and harbored a fantasy that someday we would meet and fall madly in love. I had a rather sordid affair with a violin in 4th grade but it was just so high-strung. A cello is throaty and sexy, kind of like Susan Sarandon. Good luck in your lessons.

The Lissst! said...

Wow. Your blog is really good. Hope you don't mind the blog stalk. Really good.

marzipan said...

This sentence:

I can't relax, I thought. I want it to love me.

Pretty much describes what is going on in my life 100% of the time. It can really apply to anything.

You Rock. xoxoxo

Susan said...

Keenie Beanie - Well said! Throaty and sexy. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a sudden need to practice.

The Lissst - So pleased you found the blog. Do enjoy!

Marzipan - Me too. I'm hoping what I learn in this new relationship will carry into the rest of my life.

Tamar@StarvingofftheLand said...

It would have been worth it to take a cello lesson just so I could use the title "Yo Ma-Ma."

If I had a modicum of musical talent. And had thought of it before you. 0 for 2.

Susan said...

Way to out my motive, Tamar.

Cheryl said...

Damn. It'd take me 6 months just to figure out the bow grip. Bon chance!

At least with a piano, there's something solid to bang my head against when my frustration level gets too high.

Please don't tell me you'll be having to use a metronome too. Those things make my heart race. Not in a throaty sexy way either.

Tiny Dancer said...

One summer Yo-Yo Ma rented a place next to a friend's house in Truro. She used to sneak over and listen to him practice.

Want me to hide by the chicken coop while you practice? It might make you feel important!