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Thursday, July 14, 2011

on starting and stopping

On Tuesday my car wouldn't start. Today (Thursday) my car won't stop. Wednesday was somewhere in between. I suppose it usually is.

When my car wouldn't start, I was waiting to meet a friend I had invited to go to the theater. The other friend (I have two) who was going to meet me at the theater canceled, so I was waiting to meet the second friend at The Appointed Spot when I discovered my car wouldn't start. I'm sure he wasn't at all suspicious when he drove up and I asked him to drive. His car is clean and comfy and I would totally fake a dead car if the opportunity came up again.

Today I was on my way to work and when I stopped to run an errand, I couldn't get the ignition to turn off. After a few seconds of hand-wringing and driving back and forth through town like a squirrel at a four-way-stop, I pulled over and called the dealership. It is a key cylinder something-or-other.

While I am not prone to stalling my manual transmission, there is something disconcerting about driving through stop-and-go traffic with a car you can't start if it stalls (key won't budge in either direction). And did I mention I was almost out of gas? You're not supposed to fill your tank without turning off your engine. Even I know that.

So now in addition to keeping my tank full when anyone I know is pregnant, I have to keep my tank full in case my car won't stop driving. My car is a cross between The Red Tent and The Red Shoes.

Here's the thing with cars. When they don't work, they can either put you in a tailspin or give you a chance to breathe. I've been needing a chance to breathe lately. How often do you get to sit and just be where you are? Or sit in a clean and comfy car and be glad for the way things sort themselves out?

The woman at the dealership said sometimes people stay in the waiting room after their cars are finished. Who can blame them?

File under: car repairs are cheaper than therapy.


Leslie said...

Paying for car repairs for two teenagers' vehicles causes me to schedule additional sessions. The superest news? Younger's may need a new air conditioner. Would it be poor parenting to just let her drive with the windows open in 100 degree heat?

Anonymous said...

Hm, I just bought my third car, so I always have a decent one which either runs or stops. Sometimes I have to jump from one rolling car to another in case the first won´t stop. It´s all learning by doing...


Cheryl said...

I wish I hadn't read George's comment with a mouthful of Diet Coke. What a great visual.

As for your issssss-you, sounds like the Universe is not just speaking softly but carrying a wikkid pissah big stick to get your attention.

Greg said...

Wait, WAIT. I was the B List?!?! Hmmmmpf. Good luck with the next ride...

Susan said...

Leslie - that would be excellent parenting. Builds stamina.

George - I knew I was missing something. A third car it is.

Cheryl - people around here do that to me all the time. My keyboard is completely saturated with beverages.

Greg - You were totally the A list that night. You were the B list the night you didn't return my call until 3 days after I invited you.

Leslie said...

Miss you.

Susan said...

Leslie, I miss me too.

And I miss reading about what my friends are doing. It's funny, blogging launched wonderful things for me but perhaps too fast and I haven't handled it well.

I need to get back on track.