‎"...a little 'trouty', but quite good" ~ Eve Kendall, North By Northwest

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


An acquaintance asked today if I had any hobbies.

Of course I have hobbies. I like to play operas for people who don't like opera, tweet as other species and pretend I'm a Jedi in training.

"I like to read," I told her.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


I can't plan my way out of a paper bag.

We tried to go to Vermont during February vacation, but it turns out you have to plan a bunch of stuff, including (but not restricted to) finding people to do all the things you'd be doing if you were not blissfully out of town.

Vermont went down the vacation toilet. But! In the spirit of Pollyanna (which Sugarplum is reading at the moment), I decided to make the most of being stuck at home - in the company of friends who were also stuck at home.

The Aunties and I had talked about doing a Kripalu get-away before things get crazy for us in the summer. It sounded swell until we got to the "finding people to do all the things we'd be doing" part. Two of us have kids and the third has me to keep from walking into traffic or getting frozen to the ice cube maker. We have our hands full. Yes, we could leave the kids with the spouses, but then we'd owe them and we like to keep the You Owe Me Big Time anvil hanging over our spouses' heads, not ours

So we decided to go to Fauxpalu.

Fauxpalu is where you sign up for yoga classes, eat great food and maybe get a massage if you play your cards right. It looks like home but is totally, totally not, assuming you are really good at self-deception. 

We planned our meals (first things first), and signed up for four days of yoga classes - one Kripalu-style class, one flow and two Jedi Training classes. 

We've been at Fauxpalu for three days now. It's going great.

While we were in class today, Sugarplum made us baked oatmeal and had breakfast ready for us when we came back to the Towers:

For lunch she made us Cobb Salad wraps. The first night she made broccoli and walnut polenta (from the Kripalu cookbook). It's pretty fabulous. 

I still have to do things like grocery shopping and laundry - so I'm pretending it's a work exchange program.

The deception is aided by the fact that our Jedi Training coach sounds like my favorite favorite favorite teacher, Susan Maier-Moul, whose class I took at Kripalu during my last sanctioned release. In fact, we were so convinced we were in the Berkshires, we made it snow briefly after class yesterday.

All of which begs the question: What is so great outside this paper bag, anyway?

Bon Appetit.


Go Faux.