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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Culinary Prowess

Sugarplum loves to cook. She loves to cook because she loves to eat. I don't know where she gets it.

She is still in single digits, but this has already been going on for years. When she was in preschool, she created our familial go-to: tofu salad made with chutney. She also insisted we put capers in her scrambled eggs - which is delicious. Her first cookbooks were Pretend Soup and Salad People, by Mollie Katzen (of Moosewood fame). If you want your kids to cook for you, start them with these books early. It's worth the investment of time and inevitable stickiness.

I mentioned in a previous post that she made cobb salad wraps, broccoli-walnut polenta and baked oatmeal during my yoga retreat. She followed that up with french onion soup one night, and the world's biggest heap of Vietnamese fresh rolls the next. We are truly blessed.

Someone asked if everything she makes is edible. "Of course," I said. She's a good reader and follows directions carefully. I forgot about the experimental dishes she sometimes concocts. Luckily, she takes notes. Detailed notes:

So if you're thinking of making a cocoa powder, water, mango & pineapple smoothie, don't.


Brett Minor said...

My daughter has mixed every possible concoction since birth. But she always insists on eating it. It doesn't matter how disgusting it is, she will eat it all.

Susan said...

Some kids just seem to be wired that way!

Leslie said...

I love this!

JAbel said...

That's Hilarious!!!!

Anonymous said...

Makes me think about all the 'experiments' me and my brother and sisters had in the kitchen. And how brave my mom was in trying everything we made.
Sugarplum´s recipe seems harmless compared to our combinations...