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Thursday, April 19, 2012

falling from the sky

We went on vacation about half an hour from our house. We were going to go to Nantucket, but then we realized that  it would cost about $260 to get us there and back. Since we only had the afternoon available, we figured we'd go when we could spend more time (and money). We're not very good at math, but we  managed to figure that one out ourselves.

The kids wanted to eat and look in stores, so that's what we did. Chris was a remarkably good sport about it.

He was such a good sport about it that the universe threw him a cookie - in the form of a pile of speakers and subwoofer.

I was in the car when it happened, finishing up a phone interview that was the only work-related thing I couldn't weasel out of. I got off the phone and Chris rang through. He said "Your friends with the theater do they need speakers do they have a truck I can't fit it in the car but it looks like they work and maybe I can stash them up the street until we can get back with the truck can you call your friends and then just come how fast can they get here?"

If you didn't understand any of that, my work here is done.

The road between us was closed (this is not a figure of speech, exactly), so I tried to go around and he, sensing that I was being a detour sissy, called back to tell me to stop being a sissy. "JUST GO AROUND THE CONES" he said.

I didn't know what he had in mind but apparently a bunch of speakers had just been left on the curb with a "free to good home" sign and he was intent on not letting them get away. I pictured him protecting them bodily, starfished on top of the pile and chanting "mine mine mine mine all mine" while waiting for me to swoop in with a stencil of our logo and a can of spray paint.

Note to self: purchase stencil of logo and can of spray paint.

I went around one set of cones and then another set of cones, while a policeman eyed me with a "wow, you really are the goody-two-shoes sissy your husband made you out to be" look. And then I spotted Chris, waving his arms in front of a pile of speakers and a subwoofer. For scale, I could fit inside the subwoofer.

As luck would have it, a friend of ours happened to walk down the street just as we were drawing straws to see who'd get bungee corded to the roof. His car was big enough for a subwoofer, with or without me stuffed inside.

Which is why we have souvenir speakers instead of t-shirts.

The end.


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Anonymous said...

It´s surprises like these that seem to make a lot of aggravation worthwhile. I was on a house hunt the other day (meaning, we´re trying to figure out where we want to move to) and came across a house that is semi-attached to the motocross track where that precise weekend the motocross sidecar world championship was held in all it splendor and noise, without my knowing upfront. My daughter and I had a great time there, less so the misses. I doubt she´d like to buy that particular house...


Susan said...

oooh, think of the lemonade stand possibilities....