‎"...a little 'trouty', but quite good" ~ Eve Kendall, North By Northwest

Thursday, November 29, 2012

My very first public reading!

Just when 2012 was on the verge of ending without anything truly thrilling happening, I was invited to read at a fundraiser. It was a benefit for Lower Cape Outreach Council's Fuel Assistance Program, which helps our friends and neighbors stay warm in the winter (by burning my stories).

This was the first time I read something of my own in public* and I have to say, audience response is wildly addictive. Pausing for people to stop laughing is my new favorite thing.

I was also terrified, but that goes without saying. I am Perpetually Terrified.

I'm sorry if I ruin the Nutcracker, Christmas and strippers for you.  These things happen.

*I've read at lots of weddings, but they never seem to want me to use my own material. Can you imagine?


Kerri said...

The book is always better! Congrats on your public speaking. You did wonderful!

Susan said...

Oooh Kerri, you get bonus points for making it way past the middle! That's almost 6 minutes of your life you'll never see again. xo

Unknown said...

Was that slow motion at the very end, when you get off the stage?

You were fabulous, and I think I recall the ballet guy or stories there of........

Oh, happy memories.


Anonymous said...

Wow Susan, this really works. I'll never be able to read a piece of you again without imagining you reading it to me.
I can see you were a bit nervous, that's okay, that happens to everyone. I've done my fair bit in public (singing, well, sort of, and acting), but the other day when I had to do a presentation in German (not my first language, or even my second), that was a challenge too.
Can I be so bold and give you some pointers? I can? Oh, thanks.
Do it more often, you'll grow into it. You can talk, just as you can write, pretty deadpan. But use it to more effect, by 'overacting' some other parts. You can then drop the voice a bit for the tongue in cheek parts. You'll get even more laughter.
And if you want, you could even 'tell' more than 'read' it. I can tell you it great to see more of the faces and less of the paper in front of you.
All in all, great story, great performance.
Happy holidays, George

Susan said...

Thanks, George! I tried to do what you said last night when I had a second shot at it.