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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Ten Commandments, for Atheists

After leading his people through the wilderness for a bunch of years, Moses needed to brush up on his management skills. So he went to a Human Resources workshop and studied the habits of highly successful people. This is what he found.

1) Highly successful people don't worship people or things. They know that if they make a god of something, it owns them. Worship your highest, purest, best sense of right.

2) Don't make something material in an effort to experience something spiritual.

3) Don't name drop. If you're in tight with the person/concept, you don't need to throw its name around. And if you're not in tight, it's inappropriate and offensive.

4) Take a day off once a week and remember how you got there.

5) Don't run with scissors, be nice to your little brother, never lick a frozen lamp post... basically, do what your mom says. Dad, too.

6) Don't kill anyone, yo. (This includes sucking the life out of them.)

7) Don't sleep around. Be respectful of yourself and others.

8) Don't steal. When you steal, it tells your brain that you don't have what you need. Your brain only knows what you tell it. Tell it the right stuff.

9) Don't be a smack-talking smack talker and quit throwing people under the bus. It doesn't help your case. Quite the opposite, actually.

10) Life is not an arms race. You've got stuff. I've got stuff. We all have our own stuff. Be good with that and it will be good with you.